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12th European Cantors Convention
Prague 2018

Under the auspices of H.E. Mr. Daniel Meron, Ambassador of The State of Israel to The Czech Republic 


Organised and presented by
European Cantors Association ECA and ICJW, Czech Affiliate

Israel Embassy, Czech Republic
HULYA/CER, A.s.b.l., www.hulya.lu 
With the encouragement of Hulya/cer
MATANEL, www.matanel.org
With the encouragement and the support of Matanel Foundation
Jewish Community in Prague & Rabbinate of the Jewish Community; The Ministry of Culture, Government of The Czech Republic; Federation of the Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic
Chabad-Lubavich Center, Prague; Jewish Museum, Prague
Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute, TACI;  International Council of Jewish Women Czech Affiliate, ICJW
Jewish Music Institut, JMI-SOAS, University of London; Franz Kafka Centre, Prague; Peregrine, Israel; Inbar s.r.o., Prague
Ulrich Hartmann, Switzerland; Evan Lazar, Prague; Yoram Abraham, Prague; D.K., Prague; Dr. Daniel Espitia, Republic of Colombia - Prague; Jacob Schimmel, London - Jerusalem
Dr. David Lifschitz, Jerusalem; Rabbi Boaz Shear-Yashuv, Adv., Jerusalem

To apply please download and print off the Registration Form

After completion, save and email the form to convention@cantors.eu. Accommodation details are on page 3 of the form.

This year the delegate fee is separate from food. Your delegate fee, lower than before (£195, Students £120) covers ECA costs of bringing the cantors and choir from Jerusalem to be our teachers and mentors. For delegates it covers all teaching sessions; morning and afternoon refreshments; concert; and walking tour of Jewish Prague. Shabbat meals @ £50 should be booked & paid for separately at the time of booking. Lunches may be purchased at the café on site.

(You may request a letter from ECA when booking that you can send to your Kehilla / Community or others to encourage their support for your attendance)

The overall programme (some details are still draft) is below:

Yamim Noraim - Combining the Traditional with the New



Wednesday 21 November

Thursday 22 November

Friday 23 November


Shacharit followed by breakfast at hotel

Shacharit followed by breakfast at hotel



Mixing Old & New – Rosh Hashanah Musaf
Un’tane Tokef

Lewandowsky to Rosenblatt to Rosenbloom
Naftali Herstik

Mixing Old & New – Kol Nidrei night
Naftali Herstik and Yotam Segal
How Does it Sound in Budapest
Daniel Rudas










Rare Recordings of Kol Nidrei Service
Yehuda Marx

Mshor’rim Techniques
Daniel Katz

Olde Modes – Modern Approach
Raymond Golldstein

Introduction to Jewish Prague
Michael Dushinsky


Lunch available to buy

Lunch self-pay followed by Mincha

Lunch self-pay


Opening Session – Welcome;
Review of programme and logistics
Alex Klein, Hirsh Cashdan

Ata Nigleta 7 Ways
 in the same mode yet so different
Naftali Herstik  

Masterclass – Yamim Noraim Nusach
Naftali Herstik with Yotam Segal & Reuven Pinsky

How to create a participatory high holiday service using congregational melodies, choral repertoire and authentic nussach
Beny Maissner

Tour of Jewish Prague
Led by Michael Dushinsky




Return to Hotel


Book Launch
Michael Jolles

American Cantorial and Synagogue Music for Yamim Nora’im
Mark Kligman

Yamim Nora’im

with the Tel Aviv Cantorial Choir
led by Naftali Herstik

Minchah, Kabbalat Shabbat & Ma’ariv







Informal meal

Dinner self-pay
Intimate Concert

Kiddush and Friday Night Dinner (prepaid) at the Kehilla


Shabbat 24 November

Sunday 25 November



Breakfast at hotel if wanted

Shacharit followed by breakfast at hotel



Coffee and Cakes at the Kehilla

Mixing Old & New – Yom Kippur Musaph
Naftali Herstik with Reuven Pinsky








Shacharit, Kriat Hatorah, Musaph

Followed by


New Musical Compositions and Arrangements for the 21st Century
Raymond Goldstein

Masterclass – Cantorial Compositions for Yamim Nora’im
Naftali Herstik




Lunch pre-paid

Lunch self-pay followed by Mincha




Seudah Shlishit at the Kehilla

Title TBC A Participant

Wrap-up and Evaluation
Alex Klein, Michael Dushinsky and Hirsh Cashdan



Maariv and Havdalah at Altneuschul




Gala Concert




Snack Supper self-pay


Partner programme

There is also a special programme for partners of Cantors attending. Details below. Arrange your own flights and accommodation (suggestions are below). To book the partner programme, indicate this on the Registration Form. Marcel Manson of Jewish Heritage Tours has arranged a package to Prague, Friday to Sunday, including extra sightseeing and a visit to Terezin on Sunday. You can see the details which can include accommodation if you wish, here. http://www.jewishheritagetours.co.uk/2018/tours_prague.html