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DVDs From The 6th Cantors Convention - 2011

DVDs are available from the 2011 convention as follows. To purchase, contact

Disc 1
The Concert at the Hilton Suite Monday 27thJune 2011

Disc 2
Sol Zim & Yaakov Motzen
Cantorial World is Changing
How the cantorial world is changing in the 21st Century
and what might be in store in the future.

Disc 3
Yaakov Motzen
Davening and Concert repertoire
How to make recitatives interesting and to communicate with
Your congregation.

Disc 4
Sol Zim
“CHASSIDIC” and“ SCRABOVA” compositions
He shares many of his own spiritual and uplifting compositions that
are sung throughout the world.

Rabbi David Katanka
Minhag Anglia

Disc 6
Sol Zim
The “BRIDGE” that connects Traditional Chazanut and Nusach
Hat’filah to the sounds of the 21st Century.

Disc 7
Sol Zim
Classical, Yiddish and Cantorial repertoire
Pacing interpretation and musical integrity.

Yaakov Motzen
Modzitzer Niggunim in Davening.
Hear some of the Modzitzer Niggunim that Motzen uses in his davening and
why it works so well.
How could this work in your service?

Sol Zim & Yaakov Motzen
The Art of Improvisation
How to create interesting, innovative, fresh and different Liturgical
And how adding modulations and congregational melodies can further
engage the interest of the worshipper.

Sol Zim & Yaakov Motzen
High Holidays repertoire

Alex Klein, Sol Zim & Yaakov Motzen
Round Table Discussion
At the end of the Convention - what we have achieved and where do we go
from here?

There is an additional minimum postal cost of £2 per disc.  P&P pro rata for more than one disc.

Please check that your DVD machine/player is either +R or –R and order accordingly before ordering, and state which you want..

There will be a discount for three or more DVDs ordered.


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