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Mission Statement

The European Cantors Association (ECA) is a framework for cantors, prayer leaders and interested lay people to engage in dialogue, training and profile-raising to ensure that the beautiful and unique music of Jewish prayer continues to enhance synagogue services for future generations.

1. To educate and inform the Jewish community - including children and youth - in the beauty and spiritual power of synagogue prayer modes and melodies
2. To encourage rabbis, hon officers and bodies involved with synagogue policies to recognise the beneficial role of the cantor
3. To raise standards of knowledge and skills in practitioners
4. To encourage synagogues and cantors to consider a wider role for the cantor in community leadership
5. To make Jewish prayer music known and appreciated in mainstream academic and secular arenas

Activities to achieve these aims
1. Engaging in dialogue with rabbis, hon officers and synagogal bodies
2. Disseminating information and resources by newsletter, website and online activity
3. Teaching in schools and universities
4. Holding seminars, workshops, conventions and study days
5. Running a Scholarship Scheme to enable aspiring cantors to study in this country or abroad at the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute
6. Holding concerts and facilitating recordings
7. Lobbying, marketing and fundraising for the above

ECA is an independent organisation.  Its Cantors Conventions are run in the orthodox tradition and are open to all who are interested in the music of the synagogue and the role and art of the cantor.

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People involved

Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis (Chief Rabbi UK and Commonwealth)
Cantor Naftali Herstik (Head, Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute)
Cantor Joseph Malovany (Cantor and Professor New York)
International Advisors
Cantor Aaron Bensoussan Toronto
Cantor Asher Hainowitz Jerusalem
Cantor Yechezkel Klang Jerusalem
Cantor Yaakov Motzen Miami
Cantor Moshe Schulhoff (z’l)
Cantor Sol Zim New York
Cantor Naftali Herstik Head, Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute  
Cantor Joseph Malovany Cantor and Professor New York
Maestro Raymond Goldstein
Great Synagogue Jerusalem
Maestro Elli Jaffe Great Synagogue Jerusalem
Professor Eliyahu Schleifer Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Professor Mark Kligman UCLA Los Angeles
Professor Edwin Seroussi Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Rabbinic Supporters
Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis (Chief Rabbi UK and Commonwealth)
Rabbi Ariel Abel Sephardi community
Rabbi Danny Bergson Pinner United Synagogue
Rabbi Amir Elituv Sephardi Community South Manchester
Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag Whitefield Hebrew Congregation (Manchester)
Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz Cheadle Synagogue
Rabbi Cantor Lionel Rosenfeld Western Marble Arch Synagogue
Rabbi Cantor Geoffrey Shisler Emeritus Rabbi New West End Synagogue 
Rabbi Michael Dushinsky, MA, Dr.-Equ. Head of Cantorial School "Mattan-Shirah", EU 

Group Leaders
London Group Cantor Steven Leas
Manchester Group Cantor Natan Fagleman
Leeds Group Cantor Albert Chait
East European Group Rabbi David Schwezoff 
Prague Rabbi Michael Dushinsky, MA, Dr.-Equ.

Executive Committee
Alex Klein ECA Convenor (Manchester)
Adam Caplan Cantor, Treasurer (Manchester)
Steven Leas Cantor, Central Synagogue (London)
Victor Tunkel Archivist (London)
Barbara Rosenberg Hospitality (London)
Geraldine Auerbach MBE Co-Founder, ECA and Former Director of JMI (London)

Web enquiries:

How you can help: If you believe in these activities, please consider making a bequest to the or the 'Julian Klein Memorial Scholarship Fund' via the European Cantors Association.

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